tmux tricks

zooming a pane

The recently released in tmux 1.8 includes a new feature, zoomed panes, that allows temporarily expanding a pane to the full size of the tmux window to see more of its contents.

In the man page for tmux(1), the feature is described as follows, under the details for the resize-pane command:

With -Z, the active pane is toggled between zoomed (occupying the whole of the window) and unzoomed (its normal position in the layout).

This command is bound to <prefix> z by default


added 2014-11-09

working with windows

create a new window

tmux new-window (prefix + c)

move to the window based on index

tmux select-window -t :0-9 (prefix + 0-9)

rename the current window

tmux rename-window (prefix + ,)


added 2014-11-09