becoming a builder

Brandon Burton bio photo By Brandon Burton

Becoming a builder

Those of you who know me, know that I like building things, whether it be automation, distributed systems, communities, or culture.

I’ve been at Lookout for a little over a year now and in my time there I’ve had some unique experiences, made some great friendships, and grown immensely as an Operations Engineer, in my experience with JVM based services like ZooKeeper, Kafka, Cassandra, Storm, in my skills with Chef and Ruby, and in helping herd distributed system through production operations in the cloud.

But recently a unique opportunity presented itself for me to work with my long time friend Mathias Meyer and so on June 1, 2015 I’ll be joining Travis-CI, working remotely from Los Angeles, as part of their Operations team and become the latest builder in an amazing team of builders.

You’ll still see me in the the usual “devops tools” communities online (Chef, Terraform, etc), I’ll continue to herd Hangops, and I’m excited to get to be behind the scenes and help in powering a ton of the open source software community.