knife-block v0.2.0 released

Brandon Burton bio photo By Brandon Burton

knife-block v0.2.1 released.

Important Update: v0.2.0 has been yanked because it wasn’t actually working on Chef12/ChefDK.

v0.2.1 is out and on

This release includes:

  • A fix so knife-block now works on Chef12
  • Some updates to the documentation
  • Some travis build improvements, including
    • Multiple 2.x Ruby builds
    • Building on 2.1 with chefdk
  • A shiny logo

The Future

Some future improvements I’m hoping to make in the coming months are:

  • Get the code base happy with Rubocop
  • Get CI builds going on OSX (w/ rvm and chefdk) and Windows builds
  • Start working on any Windows related bugs that crop up
  • Better integration with Berkshelf config stuff